Used Pool Cues

Used pool cues

Used pool cues are sometimes a great option but many times you do not get your money worth. Now days you can easily buy a new pool cue at an affordable price with a lifetime warranty like a McDermott cue or Players cues.

When looking at used cues there a many things to look for and we do not recommend anybody buying a used pool cue without being very familiar with pool cues in general or having a friend that has good knowledge about pool cues.

One of the first things to look for in a used cue is scratches dings and cosmetic damage, to have a cue refinished can be expensive so any type of damage will be expensive to fix. Also look for anything that might look like it has been repaired before such as cracks in the wood that may have been re glued together.

The 2nd thing to look at is to make sure the cue rolls straight; An easy to do this is to roll it on a flat surface generally a pool table and look carefully you will want to roll the cue when it is put together and each piece individually to ensure that there is no warp in the butt or the shaft of the cue, there should be no wobble to the roll of the cue.  

Generally with a used cue you may have some warp to an older shaft, but a shaft is replaceable. keep in mind that a pool cue shaft can run you from a price range generally 50 – 200 dollars. If the butt of the cue has any wobble then this generally it is un-repairable and we would not recommend any purchase of a cue that has a warped butt.

The 3rd and final test for any used pool cue that you buy is to hit with it and make sure there is no ting sound or rattle in the cue you should be able to tell by hitting 2-3 balls, this is very important and like we said if you are not experienced here or are not sure then always make sure to get a second opinion by an experienced player you trust. does not sell used pool cues, We sell new pool cues because these days you can find amazing cues at very reasonable prices with lifetime warranty’s , 1 and 2 year warranty’s which is something you want get with a used pool cue.

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